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Banner Makers-One Lap at a Time


A special breed of dog, border collies love to work and to please! 

By understanding them, you have a lifetime friend that is loyal and loves to work.  

A good dog is one of the best tools you have when chasing your dreams in the showring.  The adrenaline that is produced when an animal runs from a predator (aka the dog) increase muscle and burns fat.

Building a strong relationship with your dog takes time. Learning to track and filling confident working your dog takes time.  The reward is one of the funniest as fastest way to exercise your sheep.

  • Training for Success

    $375 Dollar Value!
    • Access to Multiple Videos
    • Training Program
    • Tools for Tracking
    • Types for Track Dogs & Kennels
    • Designing your Track
    • Building a Relationship
    • Starting Babies
    • Experienced Tracking
    • Manage Challenges Coming 2023

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