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About the L2 Track Dogs

Tracking for Success began twenty years ago when a young, inexperienced mom was handed her first dog.   This dog, trained by an experienced trainer knew so much more about the task at hand then the young show mom.


Fast forward 20 plus years, the love for the dogs, the understanding of their value and partnering with the dog continues to motivate us and encouraged us to begin L2 Track Dogs.  Having the opportunity to give back to the stockshow community by matching great bred dogs to stockshow families to help them achieve their goals in and out of the show ring. 

Who We Are

A stockshow family no different from any other is the easiest answer.  Over twenty years, we began stockshowing with our daughter.  Her  first lamb was entirely too fat!  Our county agent suggested we get a dog.   As we built our first track, we learned as a family which led to us growing stronger together.  Now as the next generation begins showing we have seen feed and supplements change, but the best secret to success to continue to be the same-     

       A GREAT DOG!

Your Best Tool

The show ring becomes tougher and tougher!  With strong genetics, top level showing and high-quality feeds, we have seen the industry become extremely competitive at the top.  So what is your secret weapon?  The unbelievable touch created by your banner maker!  

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track pick.jpg

What We Do

Working with the top trial trainers across the  United States, we acquire high bred dogs with strong foundations to begin track training.  We work to not only train the dogs to become champions in their own right but also educate the families on how to track for success.  Our passion for success leads us to celebrate the victories of every family and dog match we make, but also make sure we help our families long after a transaction is completed.

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