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Healthy Brains

Updated: Aug 18, 2022

Track Dogs Healthy Dogs Kennels

Keeping your track dogs mind healthy is so important. Many times, these amazing athletes are seen as tools. Because of that, it is easy to put them up in their kennels until it is time to use them again.

What some might not realize, is this high energy athlete needs the ability to run and play daily not only to stay physically fit but also mentally fit.

When dogs are left in kennel for long periods of time, one of two things occur. Either they get overly aggressive or become depressed. To keep our dogs healthy and happy, we turn them out twice a day in a fenced area normally while feeding our livestock to play and also potty. These accomplishes several things, including help with keeping our kennels clean, lets the dogs exercise and also relaxes them.

In the competitive world of showing sheep and goats, we as breeders and showman understand the importance of exercise for our animals. The same principle holds true with our super athletic Track Dogs.

Keep Tracking for Success-L2 Track Dogs


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