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The Best Natural Muscle Builder? Track Dogs!

The best kept secret in Texas for over 20 years is the use of Track Dogs to exercise your show lambs or show goats. A great Track Dog is extremely efficient and effective to build muscle and reduce fat.

Building muscle and burning fat with L2 Track Dogs
L2 Track Dogs-Sheep Muscle Builder

Just recently a family came to us from a recommendation from a top-level Banner Family. They were exercising their Southdown lambs for 20 to 30 minutes running them daily with their kids, and still had fat lambs. When we discussed tracking with the size of track they had, they were shocked to hear they only needed to track their sheep 5 to 6 laps (about 3-5 minutes) three to four times a week to achieve maximum results.

As we explained when they came to us to train with their new dog, the adrenaline which the show animals produce from the tracking process with a predator chasing them is the key.

Once they got home, dog broke their lambs and began tracking, they were pleasantly surprised at the increase in heart rate their lambs exhibited even 30 minutes after tracking.

This increase in heart rate is substantial. In fact, we believe you need to give at least 45 minutes between tracking and feeding. This period allows animals to completely cool down before feeding or allow them to completely digest food before tracking . Very similar to any top-level athlete having a rest period between exercising and eating or eating then exercising.

Speaking of athletes: once you start tracking you might want to consider a warmup period before tracking hard. We like to put animals on the walker for 10-15 minutes on a slower pace before hitting the track and again to help cool down after tracking, especially when our weather starts becoming cold. This is no different than athletes warming up and stretching before a hard work out.

If you are new to showing or new to the idea of tracking sheep or goats for ultimate natural muscle development, give us a call! With multi-generational experience in showing and over 20 year’s tracking livestock, , our number 1 goal is to help you, Track For Success!


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