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The Perfect Match

The personality of a dog is very important especially when you’re matching with a human personality. Dogs, like people, have personality types, some strong alpha's, some fun-loving and some meek and mild.

So, when we are looking at finding a perfect match for you and your family, we may ask a lot of questions? Some of you might be surprised at why/what we are asking. The answers help us connect the dots and hopefully find you a great dog!

Questions like:

Who will be tracking the dog?

What will you be tracking?

Have you tracked before?

How many years will you be tracking?

Are you looking for a combination pet and track dog?

The design of your track?

Any preference on sex or coat type?

By understanding more about your family and the expectations, we are able to fit you better with a dog. Hopefully, we can closely match your needs both for tracking as well as fit well in the family.

The dog's personality can play a major part based on the level of expertise of handler in tracking. An extremely tough alpha dog which is great for tracking or working head strong goats might not be the best fit for a young inexperienced family that has not ever tracked livestock. No different than working with head strong kids, strong dogs need to respect the handler and the handler needs to be prepared to handle an animal who has a strong dominate personality. This does not mean the handler has to be cruel to the dog. If the handler understands the psychology of pack animals, the handler can express their dominance in a positive manner.

This level of training families is critical when starting tracking. For this reason, L2 Track Dogs team works diligently to find the right fit for families. L2 Track Dogs provides training with our families to make sure they are equipped to work with their new partner.

Yes, Partner! Tracking for success, begins with a strong partnership between dog and handler. There must be a level of trust for both parties so tracking will have positive results. No different than if you were going into battle, you would want to have someone by your side you trusted and knew had your back. The relationship with dog and handler needs to be the same.

L2 Track Dogs is committed to helping our stockshow families Track for Success! Give us a call or send us a note if you have any questions!


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